Martin's Prime Choice Beef  

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1. Pricing:

Martin's Angus Beef:

(Weight of steer (Average weight 1200 lbs) x 63% Dress Weight = 756 lbs) x $5.00/lb = Total Cost ($3,780 average cost/whole steer or $1,890 average cost/half steer)

2. Select Half or Whole: (see "What You'll Get page for details)

Martin's Choice Plus Angus Beef (available 30 to 60 days from order date)

3. Download the Cut Sheet

  1. Print the attached Cut Sheet. Online orders will have a copy of the Cut Sheet sent with their deposit receipt.
  2. Fill out the Cut Sheet for how you would like your beef cut.

4. Initiate Order

  1. Order online or send a non-refundable deposit of $500 for a half or $1000 for a whole side of beef. Fax, email or mail the completed cut sheet or:
  2. Order Through Mail:

    If Mailing Deposit and Cut Sheet, Mail to:
    Martin's Angus Beef
    P.O. Box 212
    The Plains, VA 20198

5. Final Cost

You will be contacted with the final cost 20 days before pickup and can pay the final cost through the mail prior to pickup.